Source code for sheraf.models.attributes

import datetime
import time

import sheraf.attributes.simples
from sheraf.models.base import BaseModel

DEPRECATED_META_DATETIME_FORMATS = ("%d/%m/%Y %H:%M:%S:%f", "%d/%m/%Y %H:%M")

[docs]class IntAttributesModel(BaseModel): @classmethod def attribute_id(cls, name, attribute): return len(cls.attributes)
[docs]class NamedAttributesModel(BaseModel): @classmethod def attribute_id(cls, name, attribute): return name
[docs]class DatedNamedAttributesModel(NamedAttributesModel): """Model with creation and modification datetimes. Creation date is automatically saved. It will not change during object life. Date of modification is automatically saved when an attribute is modified and refers to the moment the transaction is committed. At creation time, date of modification and date of creation are equal. """ _creation = sheraf.attributes.simples.SimpleAttribute( default=time.time, lazy=False, )
[docs] def creation_datetime(self): """The date the object has been created. By now it refers to the date the method :func:`~sheraf.models.BaseModel.create` has been called, and not the date the transaction has been committed. :return: :class:`datetime.datetime` or None if the object has not been committed yet. """ # TODO: The creation datetime should have the transaction commit datetime and not the object creation one if not self.mapping._p_oid: return None return self._deserialize_date(self._creation)
[docs] def last_update_datetime(self): """The date of the last transaction commit involving a modification in this object. :return: :class:`datetime.datetime` or None if the object has not been committed yet. """ return ( self._deserialize_date(self.mapping._p_mtime) if self.mapping._p_mtime else None )
@classmethod def _deserialize_date(cls, serialized_date): if isinstance(serialized_date, float): return datetime.datetime.fromtimestamp(serialized_date) for date_format in DEPRECATED_META_DATETIME_FORMATS: try: return datetime.datetime.strptime(serialized_date, date_format) except ValueError: pass
[docs] def save(self): """Updates :func:`~sheraf.models.DatedNamedAttributesModel.last_update_datetime` value and saves all the model attributes.""" self.mapping._p_changed = True return super().save()