Source code for sheraf.attributes.blobs

import sheraf.attributes.models
import sheraf.models.inline

[docs]class Blob(sheraf.models.inline.InlineModel): """ Blob objects wrap the raw data from regular files. ZODB :class:`ZODB.blob.Blob` are used to store the data. """
[docs] @classmethod def create(cls, data=None, filename=None, stream=None, **kwargs): """ :param data: the data to store in the blob :param filename: the name of the original file :param stream: If ``data`` is not set, data will be read from the ``stream`` stream. :param kwargs: optional attributes to set :return: A sheraf object wrapping a :class:`ZODB.blob.Blob` object, or ``None`` if this is an empty and unnamed file. """ import ZODB m = super().create(**kwargs) stream_data = if stream else None if data or filename or stream_data: m.mapping["blob"] = ZODB.blob.Blob(data or stream_data) m.mapping["original_name"] = filename return m
[docs] def open(self): """Opens the stored blob file.""" return self.mapping["blob"].open()
@property def data(self): """ The file binary data. """ f = self.mapping["blob"].open() try: return finally: f.close() @property def original_name(self): """ The original filename. """ return self.mapping["original_name"] @property def file_extension(self): """ The original filename extension. """ return self.original_name.split(".")[-1] @property def filename(self): """ The name of the blob file. """ f = self.mapping["blob"].open() try: return finally: f.close()
[docs] def delete(self): """ Delete the object from the base. """ self.mapping.clear()
def __len__(self): return 1 if self.mapping else 0 def __str__(self): return self.mapping.get("original_name") def __repr__(self): return '<Blob filename="{}">'.format(self.mapping.get("original_name")) def __bool__(self): return bool(self.mapping) def __getitem__(self, key): return getattr(self, key)
[docs] def edit( self, value, addition=True, edition=True, deletion=False, replacement=False ): return value
[docs]class BlobAttribute(sheraf.attributes.models.InlineModelAttribute): """ This attribute stores binary files. It is mainly an interface that handles a :class:`~sheraf.attributes.blobs.Blob` object. """ def __init__(self, model=Blob, **kwargs): super().__init__(model=model, **kwargs) def serialize(self, value): if value is None: return None elif isinstance(value, sheraf.InlineModel): return value.mapping elif isinstance(value, dict): return self.model.create(**value).mapping elif hasattr(value, "filename") and ( hasattr(value, "stream") or hasattr(value, "data") ): return Blob.create( stream=getattr(value, "stream", None), filename=getattr(value, "filename", None), data=getattr(value, "data", None), ).mapping else: return self._default_value(value) def deserialize(self, value): if not value: return None return self.model._decorate(value)