Database connection

As ZODB databases and storages, sheraf Database can be configured using a configuration file. It is done through a zodburi zconfig:// URI scheme.

A simple example ZConfig file:


If that configuration file is located at /etc/myapp/zodb.conf, use the following uri argument to initialize your object:

>>> sheraf.Database("zconfig:///etc/myapp/zodb.conf") 

A ZConfig file can specify more than one database. Don’t forget to specify database-name in that case to avoid conflict on name. For instance:

<zodb temp1>
    database-name database1
<zodb temp2>
    database-name database2

In that case, use a URI with a fragment identifier:

>>> db1 = sheraf.Database("zconfig:///etc/myapp/zodb.conf#temp1") 
<Database database1>
>>> db2 = sheraf.Database("zconfig:///etc/myapp/zodb.conf#temp2") 
<Database database2>

If not specified in the conf file or in the arguments passed at the initialization of the object, default zodburi values will be used:

  • database name: unnamed

  • cache size: 5000

  • cache size bytes: 0

Note that arguments passed at the initialization of the object override the conf file.